30 Day Free Trial

Click this button to Download the program (CLM Explorer)

Click here to download CLME

Antivirus Software - Please turn off or configure your antivirus programs to allow CLME to function.


Select a location to save, Desktop for example, then click Open or Run depending on your browser.

If you see a dialog screen similar to this - Choose Yes:

You will then see a series of screens similar to this:

Click Next to continue.

I recommend accepting the default location of C:\Program Files\CLMExplorer as an installation directory.

That's it! I hope you find the new CLM Explorer program very beneficial.


How to Uninstall

If you are not happy with CLME it is easy to uninstall. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click Start >> Control Panel
  • Click 'Uninstall a program'
  • Scroll down to find CLM Explorer in the list of installed programs
  • Click 'Uninstall' on the top menubar
  • Follow the uninstallation steps (very similar to the original Setup Wizard steps)