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Where is the data file located?

 Here's the problem, and it is a bit confusing. Up until the end of 2008 the data has been stored in
 c:\program files\tmsexplorer. This has worked fine until recently.
But then along came Vista which is making life very difficult. In Vista, this is now a "protected folder". Which means you cannot write to it, therefore the data file cannot live there anymore.
So the data needed to move. Plus, the 2009 data is now different; there are CBS participants, no more SQ and talks 2/3/4 are changed to 1/2/3 etc. So the 2009 data file is renamed. To keep it separate I renamed it to TMSEData.mdb
To add more confusion, the TMSEData.mdb file lives in a "virtual folder". This means the location is not absolute, it changes for everyone because it is part of your login user identity
The data is in %APPDATA%\TMS Explorer

Suppose your username is Elmer Fudd
With XP the folder is C:\Documents and Settings\Elmer Fudd\Application Data\TMS Explorer

With VISTA the folder is C:\Users\Elmer Fudd\AppData\Roaming\TMS Explorer
But the simple solution is to just enter %APPDATA% in your Windows Explorer, with the percent signs and it should find the folder for you.

If you can't see %APPDATA% then open Windows Explorer, click Tools >> Folder Options >> View Tab
Select the option to see hidden files and folders.

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