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Norton Antivirus is Reporting a Problem
Added on Sun, Feb 21, 2010
Norton Antivirus users Norton Security products are incompatible with CLM Explorer. This has been an ongoing problem for several years. If you receive an alert from Norton that CLME is unsafe or that it contains a virus, this is... Read More
How Do I Translate the Program into My Language?
Added on Tue, Apr 13, 2010
To add another language open Windows Explorer and look in the %appdata%\clm explorer folder and note these subfolders: \gui \studies \songs \schedule   You would need to prepare files in the 4 folders ... Read More
How Can I Print a List of Students and Data?
Added on Wed, Feb 24, 2010
There are a few options: Go to the Reports Screen >> Student Reports >> Fake Rolex On the top menubar Click File >> Export and send the Student data to Excel  ... Read More
What does TBD mean on the Assignment Slips?
Added on Tue, Jan 19, 2016
TBD stands for "To Be Determined" This appears when there are multiple pending talks. The Counsel Point for the more distant talk(s) will not be known yet. It will be contingent on the results of the next talk. Example: Suppose... Read More
How to edit the Source Material in the Language File (spelling errors)?
Added on Mon, Apr 5, 2010
First locate the language file. It is located in %appdata%\CLM Explorer\Gui (See this article to find %appdata% Read More
How do I Handle Family Members with Different Last Names?
Added on Wed, Mar 24, 2010
There are several situations where this might apply: the wife keeps her maiden name there are children from another marriage with different last names other members of the household ... Read More